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Jackson, Jackson Hole Travel Guide

Jackson Summary


  • A small, bustling town with plenty to do, surrounded by unkempt wilderness
  • Gateway to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks
  • Endless outdoor activities make it an active traveler's paradise
  • Unique wild west vibe: kitschy cowboy bars brush up against taxidermy shops
  • Diverse and delicious culinary scene is very affordable
  • Locally owned stores provide a unique shopping experience


  • Weather often affects flying in; pilots often cite it as the hardest airport in the biz to land on
  • Summers transform the town from a ski town to a crowded tourist mecca
  • High altitude can make some feel constantly weak or tired

What It's Like

A short walk through Jackson can at times feel like an Epcot experience. In the span of a few blocks, you'll find lively pubs serving elk meat gyros, kitschy cowboy bars where locals and après skiers nurse their beers, high fallutin' haut cuisine restaurants and maybe a ho-down or two. Combine this with the fact that you're surrounded by some of the vastest and most untouched natural beauty in the country, and mere miles away from some of the most challenging skiing in the world, and it becomes easy to see why the town has grown into the charming, vibrant place that it is today.

Jackson serves as a year-round gateway for tourists visiting Jackson Hole Ski Resort, Yellowstone National Park, and Grand Teton National Park, the combination of which makes the area the ultimate outdoorsman's paradise. Of course, this also brings a tourist trap element to the city (especially in the summers), but given its remote location and devotion to the old west, it comes off more appealingly than one might expect. It may also be the only place you can find great Thai food and a taxidermist next door to one another.

Where To Stay

It's not hard to cross the entire town of Jackson on foot, but staying near Town Square will keep you close to most of the shops, restaurants and bars. If you're looking to ski non-stop, staying at the south end of Jackson will put you close to the slopes of Snow King Resort, accessible right from town.

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