Waipouli Beach Resort 4.0

Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii
A lava-rock jetty creates a small calm pool where the clear water exposes the rocks that dot the sandy bottom.

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 A lava-rock jetty creates a small calm pool where the clear water exposes the rocks that dot the sandy bottom.
Koa Kea fronts Kiahuna Beach, one of the most family-friendly in Poipu. Beachgoers, predominately resort guests, take surfing lessons and play in the sand. The clear water is good for snorkeling. Rocks on the bottom are easy to cut your feet on, but for the most part it's a safe beach. The Sheraton shares the family-friendly Kiahuna Beach with the Koa Kea and the Kiahuna Plantation. The waves in front of Koa Kea can sometimes be too rough for young children, but they're gentler here. Guests can charge beach chairs to their room, but there are no umbrella rentals, and many vacationers opt for a simple towel on the sand. The sand stops shortly past the shore, yielding to lava rock or reef. The Outrigger Kiahuna, which sits on Kiahuna Beach, offers free beach chairs and towels and rents boogie boards and snorkels. Castle Kiahuna shares facilities with the neighboring Outrigger, and fronts the same stretch of Kiahuna Beach. The waves at are great for beginner surfers. The Marriott's Waiohai Beach Club is right next to the Kiahuna Plantation and Koa Kea resorts, but it fronts an area of beach with slightly different conditions. A cove and sandbar create a shallow pool sheltered from the waves, and plenty of children play in the surf and the sand. The narrow stretch of beach doesn't feel quite as family-friendly as nearby Kiahuna Beach, though. The unsepervised Waiohai Beach attracts experienced surfers as well, since a reef break can generate large waves, but the conditions are unpredictable. This surfer paddles out on a calm sea. The Grand Hyatt sits on its stretch of shore in the resort area of Poipu, and the beach runs a considerable distance along the property. Much of it goes unused, though, because of big rock formations. Guests stick to the small stretch of sand. The rough surf is good for skimboarding and boogie boarding, but not snorkeling or beginner's surfing. The more surfer-friendly Waiohai Beach is a few minutes away. Dangerous conditions keep swimmers close to the shore. The Kauai Marriott is the only hotel in Kauai that fronts versatile, kid-friendly Kalapaki Beach, to the northeast of Kiahuna Beach in Poipu. Kalapaki Beach is guarded from strong currents and undertows as it lies in its own separate cove, making it excellent for swimming, bodyboarding, and beginner's surfing. The impressively wide stretch of clean, soft sand is perfect for volleyball. The Hilton Kauai's property sits on Nukolii, one of the island's longest beaches. The wide and uncrowded shore offers picturesque sunrises and plenty of space to explore and fly kites, but few dare to wade into the rough, rocky waters. The beach at the Outrigger Waipouli is wider, cleaner and less steep than the shore in front of nearby Kapaa hotels like the Aston Islander on the Beach or the Kauai Coast, but it still can't match the fine south shore beaches at the Outrigger and Castle Kiahuna Plantation, Sheraton Kauai, Marriott Waiohai, or the Kauai Marriott. A lava-rock jetty creates a small calm pool where the clear water exposes the rocks that dot the sandy bottom.