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5 Hotels in Hong Kong That Should Be on Your Radar Now

From classic luxury to budget-friendly, Hong Kong is flush with hotels for all types of travelers. We recently scoured the destination and discovered some of the best accommodation options. Read on for five of our favorite Hong Kong hotels right now, all of which have just been added to

10 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid in Hong Kong

The stunning Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan/Oyster Traveling to any big city for the first time can be a jarring experience. And with its endless forests of skyscrapers, intense street life, and often high prices, Hong Kong can seem intimidating at first glance. While it’s easier to tackle than Tokyo, and more organized than…

21 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Hong Kong

Hong Kong has its reputation. In fact, depending on who you’re talking to, it has many reputations. To some, it’s a bland corporate hub for expats. To others, it’s a dizzying blend of old and new, mixing Chinese and Western cultures. In the end, Hong Kong is all of these things — and that’s what…