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San Isidro, Lima Travel Guide

San Isidro Summary


  • Along the Costa Verde, a popular spot particularly during the summer
  • Several attractive parks and gardens
  • A hot spot of restaurants, bars, and shops
  • Home to ancient ruins
  • Tons of hotels
  • Lively business district


  • Lots of tourists, despite being a residential area
  • Heat can become intense during the summer months

What It's Like

Situated next to Miraflores, San Isidro, along with its neighbor, is one of the most popular places to stay in Lima. Though San Isidro is largely a residential neighborhood, it caters to tourists with its multitude of restaurants and bars, its high-end shopping (particularly for jewelry), and its proximity to the beach. It is also somewhat of a business district, and thus attracts visitors to its convention center and large corporations.

San Isidro is a pedestrian-friendly area, with several parks, including Parquet el Olivar lined with ancient olive trees. Huallamarca, a site of ancient temple ruins, can also be found in San Isidro.

Where to Stay

Most tourists stay in Miraflores or San Isidro so visitors will have no trouble finding a hotel; many hotels are high-end, but there are some budget-friendly options in the neighborhood. Many visitors like to stay near the beach, but staying near the parks is also nice, and inland hotels are closer to the golf course and the ancient temple ruins.

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