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Travel Guide of Paddington and Bayswater, London for: Thistle Hyde Park 4.0

Paddington and Bayswater, London, England

Paddington Summary


  • An upscale neighborhood along Hyde Park
  • Hotels for almost every budget
  • Paddington Station makes it easy to visit nearby neighborhoods and towns
  • Home to the Lord's Cricket Ground
  • Abbey Road Studios, made famous by bands such s the Beatles


  • Not near many attractions (though Paddington Station makes getting around easy)

What It's Like

To some, Paddington rings a bell because Paddington Bear, the beloved storybook character from the 1950s, was found in, well, Paddington Station. The station is really the highlight of the area, making it easy for tourists to visit more happening neighborhoods of London as well as other England destinations such as Bath and Oxford. This is especially helpful because there aren't a ton of attractions directly located in Paddington -- aside from Lord's Cricket Ground, home to numerous well-attended cricket matches, and Abbey Road Studios, made famous by bands such as the Beatles.

Like nearby Kensington and Mayfair, Paddington is an upscale neighborhood (north of Hyde Park). It's largely residential and many of the homes are historic buildings, but there are several hotels in the area.

Where to Stay

There are many hotels in Paddington for a range of budgets. The more luxurious hotels are located along Hyde Park, and some are remodeled historic homes. Cricket fanatics may consider staying on the eastern edge of Paddington, to be close to the playing fields, while those hoping to explore Notting Hill may want to stay nearby on the northwestern edge.

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