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Travel Guide of Kennebunkport, Maine for: Captain Lord Mansion 4.0

Kennebunkport, Maine, United States

Kennebunkport Summary


  • Beautiful, family-friendly beaches
  • Nice restaurants with delicious seafood
  • Quaint neighborhood that's easy to explore by foot
  • Tons of outdoor activities: kayaking, golfing, fishing, and more
  • Whale-watching tours along Parson's Way
  • Scenic ocean views
  • Numerous art galleries and shops


  • Many beaches, such as Goose Rocks Beach and Kennebunk Beach, require daily passes
  • Some beaches are rocky
  • Not much to do during the winter months, and many hotels close for the off-season

What It's Like

Kennebunkport sits along Maine's coast, and unlike cities in northern Maine, Kennebunkport has numerous sandy beaches, ideal for swimming and surfing. It also has rocky beaches, characteristic of Maine, such as Goose Rocks Beach, which is pebbled with black rocks. Some beaches require daily passes, and they can get crowded during the summer. Activities such as kayaking, whale-watching, golfing, and fishing are also popular warm-weather pastimes; Kennebunkport clears out during the winter and many hotels close for the off-season.

Dock Square is the center of town, where art galleries, shops, and restaurants can be found. As a seaside location, Kennebunkport is known for its seafood- -- particularly its lobster. From Dock Square, locals and visitors can walk along Parson's Way for beautiful ocean views.

Originally settled in 1610, Kennebunkport was a small fishing village that experienced an economic boom during the shipbuilding era. But it wasn't until after the Civil War that Kennebunkport became what it is today: a summer retreat for wealthy families. In fact, George W. Bush's great grandfather's compound, Walker's Point, is located in Kennebunkport and both he and his father have hosted foreign dignitaries at the summer home. Many historic homes like Walker's Point remain, and one popular attraction is Nott's House, a mansion built in the mid-1800s.

Where To Stay

Though Kennebunkport is known as a luxury retreat, there are a range of hotels to accommodate various budgets. Many hotels are located along the water, and those who hope to be close to the center of town may consider staying near Dock Square.

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