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Travel Guide of Ogunquit, Maine for: The Dunes on the Waterfront 3.0

Ogunquit, Maine, United States

Ogunquit Summary


  • Beautiful, sandy, family-friendly beaches
  • Nice restaurants with delicious seafood
  • Quaint neighborhood that's easy to explore by foot
  • Tons of outdoor activities: kayaking, golfing, fishing, and more
  • Scenic ocean views along the path on Marginal Way
  • Numerous art galleries and shops
  • Thriving LGBT community


  • Can become very crowded with day tourists during summer weekends; beaches tend to get busy
  • Not much to do during the winter months, and many hotels close for the off-season

What It's Like

There's no doubt in anyone's mind that Ogunquit is one of the most picturesque seaside towns in New England: even the town's name is Algonquin for "beautiful place by the sea." Visitors come from all over to take in breathtaking views on Marginal Way's scenic Cliffside footpath, enjoy the fantastic dining, or peruse the small mom and pop shops. Arguably, Ogunquit's wide sandy beaches are the biggest draw; they are uncharacteristic for Maine. Ogunquit is easy to explore by foot, and most visitors won't need a car to get around town. Its location on the southern part of Maine's coast also makes driving there from Boston or other areas of New England relatively easy.

The town takes great pride in its vibrant LGBT community and is home to gay themed festivals and events. The year-round locals are very friendly to the tourists who descend upon the town in droves during weekends in the summer.

Where To Stay

Ogunquit is one of the easiest towns to explore by foot in all of Maine, so visitors have no need to worry about being too far from the action no matter where they book. If you're looking the best proximity to shops and restaurants, stay along Main Street (especially near the intersection of Shore Road).

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