I spy..."Burn Notice" superspy Michael Westen hitting up Miami hotels

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The oh-so-resourceful former CIA agent Michael Westen — the main character of the USA Network’s cult hit, Burn Notice — isn’t the only one with spying skills. We couldn't help but notice that Westen's life of well-intentioned crime has taken him to real-life Miami hotels pretty often. We did a little tactical research to find out some of the hotels that have aided and abetted.

  1. When Westen met with big baddie Gilroy in the episode "Friendly Fire", we knew immediately where he was -- we'd know the curves of the sexy Fontainbleau pool anywhere. Real-life actor Jeffrey Donovan, who plays Michael Westen, likes the hotel as well: It’s where he got a little drunk before getting arrested for driving under the influence.

  2. In the pilot episode, Westen stops to catch his breath under the Beacon’s awning, where there’s terrace seating for the restaurant Rendezvous. (Good thing he didn’t stop to eat — we thought Rendezvous was mediocre and overpriced.)

  3. In the episode “Unpaid Debts,” sparks fly when Westen’s mom, Madeleine, goes on a date at The Albion with Sam’s friend, Virgil. This low-key Art Deco landmark is one of South Beach’s best bargains; it strikes us as just Madeleine’s style.

  4. Madeleine and Sam stake out Eddie, who stole money from hip-hop Mogul Valentine and framed Westen’s client, Ricky, at Tides’ La Marea restaurant in the episode “Bad Blood.”

  5. Crime boss Concha Ramirez meets with Michael at the hotel’s Cuban restaurant Oriente in the episode “Broken Rules.” We found Oriente’s entrees to be overpriced and poorly prepared –- not a bad place to take an enemy.

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