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Travel Guide of Old Montreal, Montreal for: Le Place D'Armes Hotel & Suites 4.0

Old Montreal, Montreal, Quebec

Old Montreal Summary


  • Compact, so you'll be close to the action no matter where you stay
  • The city's largest concentration of historic sites and museums, including the oldest stone church in Montreal
  • Family-friendly attractions, like ice skating and Shed 16 Labyrinth -- an indoor maze
  • Arguably the most romantic district, especially in the wintertime (but be prepared for intense blizzards and temps below freezing)
  • Safe community; relatively low crime rate


  • Scarce street parking, but three metro stations lie within the district
  • Limited nightlife options; most bars found in hotels and restaurants

What It's Like

With a history dating back to 1642, Old Montreal is, well, old. This well-preserved neighborhood might be one of the prettiest and most fascinating quarters of the city. While summers give way to lively street festivals and restaurant terraces brimming with energy, winters offer a much mellower and relaxed pace.

By simply wandering around the cobblestone streets, visitors will stumble upon something interesting, beautiful, or delicious (or all three!). While there are plenty of restaurants to choose from, visitors should beware of tourist traps offering low-quality food at outrageous prices.

As for shopping, during the summer months vendors and local artists set up shop in Place Jacques-Cartier and along city streets. The same tourist trap rule applies to these street vendors -- browse for a bit to make sure you're not getting duped.

Where To Stay

There are two types of hotels you probably won't find in Old Montreal: chain hotels and cheap hotels. Most hotels within this district are cute, historic little boutiques with an equally pretty price tag. Riverfront hotels provide spectacular views, and those nestled back in street alleys are, naturally, within easy walking distance from many restaurants and pubs.

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