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Travel Guide of Palm Beach, Florida for: Four Seasons Resort, Palm Beach 5.0

Palm Beach, Florida, United States

Palm Beach Summary


  • Wide, uncrowded beaches -- broad stretches of pristine, untouched ocean shore
  • Beautiful oceanfront mansions and boutiques along Worth Avenue (equivalent to Beverly Hills' Rodeo Drive)
  • Most beaches are private (a con for some!), so fewer crowds and more beach for you
  • Cultural attractions like the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum, Henry Flagler's 73-room mansion with original furnishings and art
  • Plenty of outdoor spots for recreation, like Lake Trail, R. G. Kreusler Park, and Phipps Ocean Park
  • Elegant restaurants as well as (surprisingly) affordable and casual waterfront eateries
  • Social scene on Clematis Street, which lies not on the isle of Palm Beach, but just across the bridge in West Palm Beach (just a few minutes away)


  • Lack of public beaches (a pro for some), so not so easy to try out different beaches
  • Almost nothing to do besides spend money and lounge at resort beaches
  • Little nightlife (Palm Beach attracts an older crowd)

What It's Like

An enclave of the uber-rich, Palm Beach caters to a well-established, traditionally upper-class crowd. Between Donald Trump's exclusive spa, "Mar-a-Lago," and the ritzy Worth Avenue, it's safe to say that visitors need to be ready to shell out some serious green while vacationing here.

Palm Beach offers a mixture of old money and new-age sophistication, with an abundance of sunshine, grade-A golf courses, clean beaches, and even some cultural and historical exhibits.

This golden stretch of coast does offer some alternatives to fancy-pants places to wine and dine -- you just have to look for them. Tom's Place, a laid-back barbecue shack, offers some of the region's most delicious comfort foods, like black-eyed peas, cornbread, and pulled pork. And, of course, high-end dining won't be hard to find.

Where To Stay

Lodging options are limited in Palm Beach. There are the famous, high-end hotels like Breakers and The Brazilian Court Hotel, and then there are a few smaller options speckling the tiny sliver of sand. Budget travelers, beware. If you're looking for a lower-priced option, head across the bridge to West Palm Beach.

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