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Travel Guide of Isla Verde, Puerto Rico for: InterContinental San Juan 4.0

Isla Verde, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Isla Verde Summary


  • Beautiful white-sand beaches
  • Great luxury hotels with casinos, restaurants and shops
  • 3-minute drive to the airport
  • Short drive to historic Old San Juan
  • Close to Condado’s nightlife and shops


  • Lack of charm; very touristy
  • No historic sites or tourist attractions
  • Fewer restaurants and shops than neighboring Condado

What It's Like

Isla Verde feels somewhat similar to neighboring Condado, with oceanfront luxury hotels overlook several wonderful white-sand beaches. However, the dining and shopping scenes are less impressive here. Tourists come here for two main reasons: the wonderful beaches bordering the neighborhood on the north, and the short drive to the airport, located a couple of minutes east by car. Isla Verde Avenue, the main thoroughfare in the area, is lined with self-contained hotels overlooking the sand.

Don’t expect to find charming romantic hideaways here -- the vibe here is more see-and-be-seen, especially during the weekends.

Where to Stay

The main strip in the area is Isla Verde Avenue, where most of the luxury hotels and self-contained resorts are. Properties here generally have great ocean views from most rooms, and nice pools. However, the hotels facing south also have great woods and lagoon views. The closer to the airport, the noisier it gets, so if you want to get a good night’s sleep, and have easy access to the restaurants, shops and nightclubs in Condado, a hotel in the western edge of the neighborhood is a good pick --but the beaches farther east are better.

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