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Parioli, Rome Travel Guide

Parioli Summary


  • Elegant residences and well-heeled crowds
  • Home to some of Rome's best dining and nightclubs
  • Two large parks in the area: The Villa Borghese gardens, one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Rome, and Villa Ada
  • Galleria Borghese housing the impressive collection of Borghese paintings and sculptures
  • Much calmer than Rome's city center
  • Safe, clean neighborhood


  • Far from popular sights and ancient monuments
  • Car required to get to some of Rome's main areas
  • Hotels and restaurants in the area can be pricey

What It's Like

Parioli is one of Rome's wealthiest residential neighborhoods and is located to the north of the bustling, tourist-crowded city center. It's an area that trades in packed tour buses and ancient ruins for posh, tree-lined streets and elegant residences. Sure, it's farther from Rome's tourist attractions, but it's home to some of Rome's best dining and nightlife. Most people consider staying here during their second or third visits to Rome, after they've gotten the Colosseum tours out of their systems. Just be prepared to take plenty of taxis or stay in the area: Rome's public transportation system is notoriously inadequate.

Where To Stay

Many visitors stay between the area's two large parks: Villa Borghese gardens and Villa Ada. However, some of the most regal-looking (and secluded) streets in the neighborhood are to the east of Villa Ada, which will also put guests closer to the Bologna subway station.

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