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Travel Guide of Downtown/Riverwalk, San Antonio for: Menger Hotel 3.5

Downtown/Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas

Downtown/Riverwalk Summary


  • Heart of the city's nightlife, with various restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs
  • Base for city's historic and cultural attractions
  • Home to The Alamo -- the mission where numerous Texans gave their lives during the Texas War of Independence
  • Tours at San Antonio Missions National Historic Park
  • River Walk, lined with popular restaurants and bars
  • Variety of hotels to choose from
  • Friendly people; helpful locals
  • Very walkable


  • Crowded River Walk during peak seasons
  • Themed bars make for a more kitschy than cultural vibe
  • Some crime

What It's Like

Downtown/Riverwalk truly is San Antonio's heart and soul. The San Antonio River Walk, a line of public walkways along the San Antonio River, is one of the most vibrant areas of the city, and is often called one of the top tourist attractions in all of Texas.

For the foodies and partiers, Downtown/Riverwalk offers a plethora of restaurants, from all-vegetarian eateries, to pizza shops, to upscale five-star restaurants. One of the best aspects of Downtown/Riverwalk is that it can easily be explored by foot.

The city capitalizes on the popularity of Downtown's Alamo, and offers tons of tours of the mission, as well as tours of other 18th-century missions in the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park. Check out one or two for their beautiful wall paintings.

Where To Stay

The main tourist-y areas are along The River Walk, and visitors seeking the typical tourist experience should stay nearby. Those seeking a mellower vibe may want to stay along the HemisFair Park; although it's still lively and exciting, it provides a little break from the heavy flow of tourists. For a taste of the younger, thriving college life, western Downtown/Riverwalk (around the University of Texas at San Antonio) offers plenty of it -- from decked-out cheerleaders heading to the Friday night football game, to groups of friends hanging out at a corner pub.

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