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Travel Guide of Downtown Santa Fe, Santa Fe for: Hilton Santa Fe Golf Resort & Spa at Buffalo Thunder 3.5

Downtown Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Downtown Santa Fe Summary


  • It's the historic center of Santa Fe
  • Dozens of great art galleries
  • Wonderful shopping scene, with everything from Native American crafts to hip clothes
  • Compact area that lends itself to walking
  • Thriving performing arts scene
  • Many accommodation options, from high-end hotels to quaint B&B's
  • Within walking distance to most major tourist attractions
  • Delectable Southern and Mexican cuisine


  • Most restaurants require reservations
  • Difficult to find street parking
  • Difficult to flag a cab
  • Few bars and clubs open till late
  • The layout makes it difficult to find an address

What It's Like

Surrounded by shops and chic art galleries housed in adobe buildings, the Plaza is the historic center of Santa Fe. It is the main point of orientation, and where most visitors will end up going every day at some point. There's so much to do in this area that it's hard to stay away-- Wonderful galleries; one of the most interesting shopping scenes in the South, with everything from Native American crafts to silver jewelry and high-end clothes; great restaurants... It's difficult to feel bored here.

Most tourist attractions, like the beautiful St. Francis Cathedral Basilica and the museums, are within walking distance of this place, the real heart of the city. Hotels of every kind can be found on the streets around the Plaza, and restaurants with some of the best Southern and Mexican food are crammed side by side everywhere you go in the neighborhood. Leave the car elsewhere and explore the area by foot to better discover all that the Plaza has to offer.

Where To Stay

Downtown Santa Fe is quite a compact area, and there are dozens of hotels to choose from everywhere around the Plaza. You will find yourself within walking distance both of the main square and the art galleries if you choose a property on or around Palace Avenue. But head south of the Plaza, to the streets around San Francisco or Water streets for proximity to the St. Francis Cathedral Basilica, and dozens of restaurants and shops.

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