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Savannah, Georgia Travel Guide

Savannah Summary


  • Nice winters, with highs in the low 60s
  • Beautiful Downtown Historic District, with a 1-mile long historic streetcar line
  • Peaceful and scenic historic Trustees Garden in Washington Square
  • Good beer at Savannah's own Moon River Brewing Co.
  • Forrest Gump's bench scenes filmed in Chippewa Square (but don't search too hard, the bench was a prop)
  • Hiking, picnicking, swimming, and fishing at Skidaway State Park
  • Known for its five-star restaurants, and excellent seafood and spicy barbecue dishes
  • Flat landscape, easy to travel by foot or bike
  • Beautiful, historical buildings designed in many different styles, including Gothic Revival and Italianate
  • Tybee Island just 20 minutes from the city's center
  • Abundance of elegant, authentic historic inns that the South is known for
  • Funky dive bars like Pinkie Masters (cash only!) and the Rail Pub
  • Nice locals


  • Reputation for crime -- not rampant, but still present
  • Bad parking, especially downtown at night
  • Traffic (like any other city)
  • Some complaints of a weak nightlife
  • Lacking professional sports
  • Hot, sticky summers

What It's Like

Savannah, settled in 1773, is one of the best-preserved spots in the south, thanks in part to a mayoral decree in 1864 that demanded the city should be forever untouched. Today, Savannah still has its Antebellum mansions, cobblestone streets, and scenic public squares, making visiting the city feel like walking back in time (minus the Starbucks on East Broughton, and the underground parking garage at Ellis Square).

History buffs will likely enjoy Savannah's Historic District (go figure), full of distinctive 18th- and 19th-century architecture. Most of the city's original public squares still stand, surrounded by old, romantic architecture in Gothic, Gregorian, and Greek Revival styles. The neighborhood's famous tree-lined road leading to the Fountain can also be found here, in Forsyth Park.

Although Savannah isn't known to be much of a party town, it's legal to consume alcohol in public in downtown Savannah. In fact, most places offer "to-go" cups (also known as a "travelers" if you're a local) to hop between bars and pubs.

Where To Stay

Business and overnight travelers will be able to find a number of hotels within just a few miles of the Savannah/Hilton Head Airport, including budget and high-end options. Visitors seeking a little romance will undoubtedly want to stay within the Historic District, where plenty of lodging can be found, especially along the northern border of Johnson Square. Beach-goers and nature lovers may be better off staying around the Magnolia Park/Blueberry Hill area, which lies closer to Skidaway Island State Park and Isle of Hope.

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