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Downtown, Seattle, Washington
Eclectic, diverse, and relaxed, Seattle welcomes folks from all walks of life. From the famed Pike Place Market to the tranquil Puget Sound, Seattle's open-minded denizens seem to say, "If you're okay with us, we're okay with you." This relaxed vibe carries itself over to the city's boutique lodgings, which have developed a chill, sophisticated style of their own. Arty and vibrant, but never stuffy, we've stayed at some of Seattle's best boutiques. Here are our favorites: First up is the Alexis Hotel. This upscale boutique hotel features 121 eclectic guestrooms that cater to every possible personality. From whimsical to modern, these spaces come with a subdued color palate and interesting design details that will be a welcome respite to any visitor.

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