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Travel Guide of Nacka, Stockholm for: Hotel J 4.0

Nacka, Stockholm, Sweden

Nacka Summary


  • Quiet area removed from central Stockholm
  • Business hub in a beautiful, waterfront setting
  • Numerous outdoor activities, like sailing, or walking through a nature reserve
  • Less expensive than central Stockholm


  • No nightlife
  • 10 minutes from central Stockholm
  • As little as 6 hours of daylight in the winter

What It's Like

Though it is a business hub, Nacka has a more laid-back feel than areas that are located in Innerstaden, Stockholm's city center. Located 10 minutes from central Stockholm, Nacka is a popular choice among business travelers and families who want to avoid the hustle-and-bustle and rollicking nightlife of central Stockholm. Nacka is completely devoid of any nightlife, although it does have several popular restaurants.

Guests staying at Nacka can easily reach Innerstaden via bus, car, subway, or boat -- although by boat is definitely the most fun -- or they can choose to roam around Nacka. There's a massive nature reserve visitors can walk through, as well as sailing during the summer.

Where to Stay

Nacka offers many business-centric hotels, although families and couples often choose to stay in Nacka as well due to the area's quiet atmosphere. Visitors can also save a significant amount of cash by staying in Nacka, and the setting is just as beautiful as Innerstaden's. The northern shore, near the marina, is picturesque, and will be the the most convenient area for getting to the rest of Stockholm by boat.

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