7 Signs You’re Ready to Visit a Nude Resort

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Heading to your first nude resort can be exciting, but daunting, especially if you’ve never let it all hang out around a group of strangers before. A nude resort can be both a liberating and jarring experience, and just because you want to do it doesn’t mean you’re ready. So how do you know if you’re prepared to bare it all? Here are a few ways to gauge where you’re at before you book.

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You’re more excited than nervous.

As you come closer to actually booking your trip, you might start to feel anxious. A regular amount of nerves is to be expected for this new adventure, but if you find yourself seesawing back and forth between excitement and paralyzing fear, you’re probably not ready. Once the excitement takes over and the nerves are a second or third thought, that is when you should start looking seriously at dates and rates.

You feel fairly comfortable in your own skin (or want to be).

When it comes to visiting a nude resort, many people claim they’re too self-conscious to strip down in front of others. The truth is, being naked in front of strangers can be surprisingly liberating and even help you build a more positive body image. It’s a judgment-free zone here in terms of body shape and size, and lots of folks enjoy the freedom of being themselves. All of this is to say that you don’t need sky-high body confidence to visit a nude resort, but feeling comfortable in your own skin is a good start.

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The idea of baring it all sounds freeing.

Many people choose nude resorts so they can have a safe, legal place to bare it all without judgment. For nudists, being without clothes grants a special type of freedom — one that helps them connect with their natural selves. In fact, this feeling is why many nudists now prefer the term “naturist.” When meeting people in the nude, you can’t make as many snap judgments about their lives or personalities. Not being defined by what you wear is truly an eye-opening experience that feels like a new kind of freedom. If that sounds appealing to you, you’re halfway there.

Other naked bodies don’t bother you.

There’s nothing quite like those first few hours at a nude resort when you realize everyone is showing everything. We live in a culture where nudity is seen as something taboo, so being surrounded by it can be a little jarring, even for the most eager guest. If you know (or are fairly positive) you can handle an environment filled with all types of naked bodies, then that’s one more sign you’re ready to rally.

You know the difference between admiring and ogling.

There is a huge difference between admiring and ogling a naked body. You must know the difference before heading to a nude resort, or else you’ll be in for a rude awakening. At most nude resorts, people aren’t there to stare. Be polite, don’t stare, don’t ogle, and don’t act like a creep.

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You can respect and adhere to boundaries.

Speaking of being polite, recognize that you’re going to be around naked bodies, some of which you might actually be attracted to. Just because someone is naked doesn’t mean they are inviting you to talk to them, flirt with them, or touch them. Respect everyone’s boundaries. Many nude resorts have topless sections, and some folks may decide to not get fully naked. It should go without saying that you shouldn’t pressure anyone to do anything at a nude resort. Remember, it’s vacation and everyone is here to have a good time, not to be harassed.

You understand that a nude resort doesn’t equal a sex resort.

Yes, public sex and swinging do occur at some nude resorts — but not all. You are not ready to visit a nude resort until you fully understand what type of situation you are getting into. Some nude resorts are family-friendly, while others are solely for adults 18 and up. Don’t arrive at a nude resort expecting to hook up; it’s not always the case. Likewise, make sure you aren’t booking into a sex resort if you’re just looking to get rid of tan lines.

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