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Being that Jamaica is one of the friendliest, most service-oriented islands in the Caribbean, you're likely to find a pleasant, consistently helpful staff at just about any hotel. But for a hotel to make it onto this list, the service must be truly exceptional -- brilliant concierges, prompt room service, welcome freebies, and thoughtful gestures to make every guest feel especially well cared for. Here are our picks for Montego Bay.

  1. Service is formal -- gentlemen, get used to being called "sir" -- but the intimate, don't-you-dare-lift-a-finger attention from the Round Hill staff hardly feels stuffy. Management remembers every guest by name, the veteran concierge graciously accommodates just about any request, and the private nannies (available 24 hours) can quickly feel like part of the family. Plus, the hotel offers all the upscale niceties, like room service and dry cleaning.

  2. Featuring an attentive concierge and 24-hour room service, the above-and-beyond service at the Ritz-Carlton in Rose Hall is a cut above its luxury sisters elsewhere in the world. Without fail, there is always a staff member ready to grab your bags, open doors for you, hover over your dinner table, and even walk you back to your room at night.

  3. Even in this resort with 400 rooms, you'll still feel like a star. Absolutely everyone on staff -- landscapers, housekeepers, porters, servers, massage therapists, and managers -- greet guests with a warm smile and a big hello. In the restaurants, waiters have been known to hug returning guests and the bartenders typically remember your favorite drink. Room service, a concierge staff, laundry, and dry cleaning are also available.

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