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On a tropical island, keeping a hotel clean is quite a challenge. A few mosquitoes or even roaches here and there are unavoidable -- even at the poshest of places. But the following is a list of dazzling hotels -- no dust, strewn hairs, slight stains, or discarded glasses at the beach. But don't just take our word for it -- take a look at our photos, blow them up by clicking the magnifying glass on the top right corner, and see the grout in the bathroom for yourself.

  1. Considering the abundance of white everywhere -- linens, walls, floors, everything -- the property is shockingly clean. The staff even takes their shoes off when entering the rooms to ensure not a speck of sand disrupts the white tile floors' simmering gloss.

  2. Like any Ritz, the property is beautifully maintained. The only exception to the hotel's full-scale feather-dusted immaculate grooming is a few strewn bocce balls left out by the prior guests -- a well-needed touch of sportiness, to a strictly controlled environment.

  3. Just opened in 2008 and still gleaming, though the Geejam is located in one of Jamaica's most remote, tropical regions, the stark-white cabins manage to keep out even the slightest mosquito.

  4. Opened in 2008, the Riu Montego Bay -- from its rooms to its pool to its restaurants -- is in better condition than the great majority of Jamaican all-inclusive mega-resorts. Housekeeping carts buzz around the hallways at all hours, and staff members are constantly mopping the pathways and tending to the grounds.

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