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Oyster knows what travelers look for in their hotels. When we review properties around the world, we evaluate how every feature stacks up against the competition, from the rooms to the pools to the restaurants. So if you're planning a getaway and need a place to start, you've come to the right place. Take a look at our top picks for value in Martha's Vineyard and get inspired!

  1. This quaint inn is centered more around historical charm than modern amenities. It offers spacious but basic rooms donning a mix of Colonial and Queen-Anne furnishings, floral and toile wallpaper, and other antique touches that make you feel as if you're stepping back to 1798 (when the inn was originally built as a residence for whaling Captain Thomas Worth). The history of the inn is rich (John F. Kennedy Jr. stayed here while he was a state senator), but its history also means there are thin walls, creaky floors, and a lack of amenities. The central location, though, makes it an excellent base from which to explore the surrounding charming town and beaches. But plan to do so only during tourist season -- the inn is closed from November to early April.

  2. Lambert’s Cove Inn is a cozy spot in a remote location. Here, it's quiet (provided you book a room away from the front desk) and quaint, with a home-like feel and beautifully manicured grounds. The resort doesn't allow children under eight, which helps preserve the serene atmosphere. The free daily made-to-order breakfast during the high season is a superior to the buffet-style breakfasts offered by many inns. The fact that this town is dry (no alcohol allowed), though, is either a perk or a severe drag, depending on the person. And although there's a nice heated outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, tennis court (though it's showing serious signs of wear), and free Wi-Fi, most rooms leave something to be desired in way of decor and amenities. The lowest level rooms, though, can have rates under $250 during high season -- a rarity on Martha's Vineyard.

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