The Ultimate Guide to Las Vegas’ Sexiest Topless Pools (And How to Behave)

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Las Vegas gets wild, and that's why people love it. It should come as no surprise that some Las Vegas hotel and resort pools have a topless pool option. Whether you're looking for a rowdy daytime pool party, or simply want an elegant and private place to sunbathe without any up-top tan lines, Las Vegas has the topless pool for you. Before you pop your top, read our Las Vegas topless pools and etiquette guide.

Editor's note: Some Las Vegas pools and hotels may be closed or operating with limited amenities and reduced capacity during the pandemic. Be sure to follow all local travel rules if you are planning a visit.  

Naked Pool at Artisan Hotel 

Bare Pool Lounge at The Mirage Hotel & Casino

The Bare Pool Lounge, at the Mirage Hotel & Casino, isn’t the largest topless pool on our list — but it is one of the original pools to usher in Las Vegas’ topless trend. It’s got a full-service bar, poolside service, and live DJs. Arrive early: Mirage guests get in free before noon. Everyone pays a cover charge after that. Oh, and if you’re looking to party with Las Vegas natives — locals get free admission on Mondays.

Radius Rooftop Pool at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino

Ever wanted to bare it all 25 stories above the Las Vegas strip? The Radius Rooftop Pool at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino is your chance. This “toptional” pool offers luxe day bed rentals and has live DJ sets. Stratoshphere guests get free access, everyone else pays a pretty reasonable cover charge.

Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

Marquee Day Club at The Cosmopolitan

Is there a pool at Marquee Day Club? When the DJs start to spin and the massive crowds gather, it’s hard to tell if you’re at a swimming pool or at an outdoor rave. Regardless, tops are optional for revelers at Marquee Day Club, in the Cosmopolitan, during the week in the high season. Guests who want a break from the party can check out the other two Cosmopolitan pools: Boulevard and Chelsea.

Tao Beach at The Venetian Resort

Tao Beach, at The Venetian Resort, has gone back and forth on its topless policies. As of now, tops are off (on weekdays). Getting into this massively popular daytime pool party can be complicated. It’s probably the most popular daytime pool party in Vegas, and it draws celebrities and beautiful people from around the world. The best way to get past the bouncer is to book a room at The Venetian — hotel guests get in without being on the Tao Beach list. Second, you can rent a cabana — though that starts at a few hundred dollars and goes way up. Finally, arrive early, dress cute, and bring women.

European Pools at the Encore and Wynn Las Vegas

The Wynn and Encore sister resorts each offer a large European (read: topless) pool. The scene is generally very chill, and well — adult. Guests are greeted on arrival and escorted to chairs, where they’re offered umbrella and towel assistance — plus food and drink menus. Both pools have a DJ, outdoor bar that you can swim to, and gaming tables with blackjack and craps. If you’ve ever wanted to gamble without a top, this is your chance to win big topless.

Las Vegas Topless Pool Etiquette Guide

  1. Pools are “Toptional”: Women aren’t required to take off their tops to enjoy topless pools. Wear as much, or as little, as you feel comfortable.
  2. No Photos: Seriously, none. Even if you’re taking a photo of your margarita with nothing more than a statuesque palm tree in the background, security guards will insist you put your phone away.
  3. Don’t Stare: Topless pools are meant to be fun and relaxing places where women can feel safe enough to sunbathe, dance, or swim topless. Creepy behavior, such as openly leering, is only going to encourage women to put their tops on and leave. Go to a strip club if you want to gawk at topless women.
  4. Don’t Touch: Do we even have to say it? Non-consensual touching is against the law, no matter where you are or what someone else is (or isn’t) wearing. Touching a topless woman will, at best, get you escorted out of the pool, and at worst, land you at the Clark County Detention Center.
  5. Adults Only: If you’re under 18 (and likely under 21 at most pools), you’re too young to be at a Las Vegas topless pool. Be prepared to show ID or be barred from entrance.
  6. Go Easy on the PDA: It’s a topless pool, not an orgy. If you’re into the swinging scene may we suggest a stay at Hedonism II?

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