Heading to a Caribbean island is always a good idea for a romantic getaway and that’s no exception for Guadeloupe. The beaches are relaxing, the tropical forest and mountainous landscape are breathtaking, and there’s ample activities to keep busy. We visited the stunning island to check out the top hotels and see how they compare — from the comfiness of the beds to the size of the pools. So if you’re looking to take an amorous vacation with your significant other, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our picks for the most romantic hotels in Guadeloupe and start planning your getaway!

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Hotel Amaudo

Saint Francois, Guadeloupe

This 10-room, mid-range boutique hotel with rattan-furnished rooms in a plantation-style building is a hilltop oasis, offering a dramatic view of ocean waves crashing against the Guadeloupe shoreline. Perfectly manicured garden paths lead down to a gazebo that overlooks the cliff -- there is, of course, a hammock inside -- and the infinity pool has a true infinity edge that makes it look like it merges with the sea. It's a solid choice for couples who want to be near all the popular tourist sights in Grand-Terre but want serene retreat at the end of the day.


Au Jardin des Colibris

Deshaies, Guadeloupe

This nine-room, mid-range wooded mountaintop retreat with summer-cabin-style bungalows is right next to the botanical garden but nowhere near the beach, making it rather unique among Guadeloupe hotels. Some of the cabins were built explicitly to mimic the habitats of the Creole settlers, emphasizing an unplugged experience surrounded by nature, while others are distinctly modern. 


La Toubana Hotel & Spa

Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe

This 44-room, 121-acre hotel is the top upscale option on Guadeloupe. It dominates the side of a mountain and descends gradually down to the ocean, leading to its own tiny but essentially private beach cove, complete with long pier and platform-topped boulder. Meanwhile, up on top, an infinity pool offers a stunning view of waves crashing against a handsome cliffside. It's a dream Caribbean setting, and the rustic-luxe bungalows have enormous terraces (if smallish bedrooms), many with terrific ocean views.


Caraibes Bonheur

Deshaies, Guadeloupe

It's a Greek island in the Caribbean -- or at least that's the way it seems in this 22-room terraced property, which has an Aegean theme from the blue-and-white color scheme down to the cracked-stone pavement and the bright, clean (if spare) rooms. Oh, and those Greco-Roman statues overlooking a turquoise bay don't hurt, either, and the stunning grand terrace demands attention.