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Groupon Photo Fakeout: A Not-So-Shiny Pool

Groupon's deals may not be as trustworthy as you've previously believed. Currently, the ever-popular deals site is offering a package at the Clinton Hotel & Spa South Beach in Miami Beach, Florida. Groupon and Expedia have teamed up to offer their consumers great deals, but buyer beware -- turns out you should think twice before purchasing.

Here at Oyster we're all too familiar with the pool-crop phenomenon. We're also familiar with the color-enhancement tool, which makes photos look shinier, prettier, and more exciting than reality. While Groupon's "Visited & Verified" stamp is loud and clear for this hotel, apparently they saw a very... different pool than we did when we visited.

Update: Since we published this Fakeout, Groupon is now showing a picture of the beach. But you can still find this misleading image on the hotel's website.

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