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Travel Guide of Mayfair, London for: Flemings Hotel, Mayfair 4.0

Mayfair, London, England

Mayfair Summary


  • Beautiful neighborhood with numerous parks
  • Very walkable
  • Tons of high-end shops
  • Convenient to neighborhoods like Soho and Westminster
  • Home to several museums, including Apsley House and Handel House Museum
  • Where London's rich and famous live
  • Park Lane is one of the poshest streets in the city
  • Low-key Shepherd Market with less expensive hotels and restaurants


  • Very expensive area
  • Some find it "snooty"

What It's Like

Mayfair is the most luxurious neighborhood in London, and is home to the city's rich and famous. Located along the eastern side of Hyde Park, Mayfair has tons of high-end shops and restaurants, and there are numerous museums, such as Apsley House and Handel House Museum. The neighborhood is dotted by beautiful parks, and it is very walkable -- especially along Oxford, Mount, Bruton, and Bond Streets, which are lined with shops.

The streets can be crowded, so those looking for a more low-key area may want to check out Shepherd Market. Nestled in Mayfair, Shepherd Market is surprisingly wallet-friendly, with budget hotels, restaurants, and shops. Hanover Square is also a nice reprieve; a quiet park, the square is right next to beautiful St. George's Church.

Where to Stay

Mayfair has numerous hotels, but most of them are extremely expensive, particularly those along Park Lane. To be close to the best shopping in the area, visitors may consider staying near Bond Street, Oxford Street, or Bruton Street. Shepherd Market, at the southern end of Mayfair, offers less expensive hotels, restaurants, and shops. Those who prefer to stay right outside of Mayfair in a more budget-friendly hotel should consider Soho.

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