Four Places to Eat Down Under the Manhattan Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge

We don't need to tell you that hiking across the 126-year-old Brooklyn Bridge is incredibly popular with visitors to New York. But once you walk out the door of Lower Manhattan hotels like Gild Hall or the Millenium Hilton, it's a more than two miles to cross the bridge and get back. To us, that's more than enough distance to warrant a snack on the east side of the East River.

Perhaps confusingly, the neighborhood right at the end of the Brooklyn Bridge is called DUMBO, or Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, for the other big suspension span nearby. While the names may not make too much sense, stopping at a few of these places certainly would.

Grimaldi's Pizzeria: Long before DUMBO became hip, Grimaldi's was serving up thin crust "Noo Yawk"-style pies. The only trouble is that once a place has been around this long, pretty much everyone has heard about it: Expect a line out the door. Oh, and bring cash, as they don't take credit cards. 19 Old Fulton St.

Jacques Torres Chocolate: They don't call him "Mr. Chocolate" for nothing. A sugar junky's paradise, this small shop sells piles of candies, all of which are made on site. A cup of hot chocolate -- like the Wicked that comes flavored with ancho and chipotle peppers -- is a nice accessory for a cold-weather walk back across the bridge. 66 Water St.

Superfine:Situated in a giant brick warehouse, Superfine offers a seasonal Mediterranean menu that changes daily, making it hugely popular with locals who also love the free pool table and full bar. Sunday brunch is popular too, with a live band, drink specials, and southwestern cuisine. 126 Front St.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory:The setting of this shop, a 1920s fireboat house, is almost as impressive as the all-natural ice cream flavors. As you probably can figure, kids love it. 1 Water St.

– Andrew Hickey, of The Brooklyn Nomad.

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