Your Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide for 2020

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We are here to help you shop for the avid (and aspiring) travelers still left on your holiday gift list. Take a look at our top last-minute gift ideas -- curated for procrastinators, loved by travelers. If your holiday budget is tight, don’t fret, as we’ve made sure every item costs less than $100. (And if your budget is extra-tight, we’ve still got you covered with gifts under $25.)

1. Sony Extra Bass Earbuds

Noise-canceling earphones are practically a prerequisite for a long-haul flight: You can lose yourself in a movie, take in a podcast about your destination, or chill out with a guided meditation. These Sony earbuds deliver superior surround sound that’s the result of five-channel acoustics that separate sound frequencies. That may seem complicated, but what you need to know is simple: You won’t hear the crying babies, bickering couples, or droning news anchors on the airport TV. 

2. Volt Heated Travel Pillow

If you’ve never found a travel pillow that really made you comfortable, the Volt heated travel pillow might be a game-changer. It emits heat right at the base of your neck, and extra-dense memory foam contours to your neck as it warms up. 

3. Snooz White Noise Sound Machine

Lots of people have trouble falling asleep when they’re not in their own beds, and especially in thin-walled hotel rooms. Using Snooz, a natural white noise machine, is much better than leaving the TV on all night. Rather than the fake digital sound of a fan, this contraption has a real fan inside that provides a steady, comforting sound, but without any blowing air. And despite housing a fan, it’s small enough to tuck into your suitcase. Plus, you can control the power, volume, and scheduled shut-off times with an app.

4. Ovo Portable Steam Iron

Here’s a nifty gadget for those who like to don the sharpest of threads on business trips and vacations. It’s both an iron and a steamer — an upgrade from that leaky iron in your hotel room closet. Plus, it comes with a separate lint brush and travel pouch. 

5. Squeeze Pod Travel Bag

This clear Squeeze Pod toiletry bag will still look stylish after countless runs through security. It’s TSA-approved and complies with the 3-1-1 regulation. Even better, the flat bottom allows it to stand up on the bathroom counter, making it easy to use. 

6. Moji Mini Massager

The small yet mighty Moji mini massager could be a traveler’s best friend. The different size spheres target muscles in complementary ways, so it’s easy to relax after a long day on the road, whether in your hotel room or back at home. It’s even discreet enough for in-flight relief, if you’re suffering from stiff leg muscles.   

7. Peak Design Wash Pouch

For the globetrotter who likes to stay organized, consider the Peak Design tech pouch. The origami-style pockets give it a sleek look, though don’t be fooled, as it can fit quite a bit inside. Elastic loops secure pens, SD cards, and batteries, while the external zip pocket has a cable pass-through, making it simple to charge devices. Made of recycled canvas, it’s water-resistant and sturdy enough to still be hanging tough years from now.  

8. We Are Knitters Beanie Kit

This We Are Knitters kit is the perfect present for your crafty best friend who always wanted to learn how to knit. He or she can leverage time spent waiting in airports, flying on planes, and riding on trains with this set. Designed with beginners in mind, this premium knitting kit features 100-percent Peruvian wool yarn and a simple pattern. It also includes wooden knitting needles, a We Are Knitters tag, and an eco-friendly gift bag.

9. Sea Bags Crossbody Bag

Know someone who loves cruising? This slim, handy bag will offer nautical style each and every day of his or her next sailing. But what makes the Sea Bags crossbody bag really special is the fact that it is handmade from recycled sails right on a public wharf in Maine. So in addition to being durable, each one is truly unique. 

10. MyCharge HubPlus Portable Charger

Recharging a smartphone usually requires fishing around for cables (and, sometimes, realizing you don’t have the right one.) Thanks to MyCharge’s HubPlus, travelers can leave all the cords at home. This high-quality portable battery offers up to four times extra battery life and features built-in micro-USB and Apple Lightning cables, along with wall prongs to directly recharge the unit. 

11. Royal Robbins Highlands Travel Scarf

Styled with five buttons and buttonholes, this soft Royal Robbins Highlands scarf can be worn six different ways, depending on how you fasten and drape it. Made from a soft Merino wool blend, it’s naturally odor-resistant and warm, while still being lightweight. It’s an accessory that takes up next to no space in a carry-on bag, and it’s ideal for chilly flights.

12. Paravel Travel Fold-Up Bag

Do you know someone who shops till they drop no matter where in the world they are? Help them bring home their new goodies with this Paravel fold-up bag. It’s lightweight and zips down flat in a suitcase on the way to the destination. After the vacation is over, it does service as a supermarket tote or gym bag. Plus, you can opt to have it monogrammed. 

13. November Rain Jacket

As the brand name suggests, this cute poncho is ideal for cold blustery showers. Totally waterproof with heat-sealed seams, November Rain’s clever construction fits over puffy winter coats, yet it still folds up neatly into a tiny packet. The vivid prints are created with eco-friendly dyes and printing methods. Bonus: 10 percent of sales go to water projects in developing countries. 

14. Merge AR/VR Goggles

Well-traveled kids who are 10 and up are prime candidates for the Merge AR/VR goggles. They transport young journeyers to virtual worlds; all you need is a smartphone. Plus, they can be taken anywhere, even on long road trips where, let’s face it, “I Spy” only gets you so far. 

15. Masters of Mayfair Sleep Mask

Sleep masks can be a boon for travelers who have trouble nodding off in new environments. They are easy to pack, but sometimes, they can slip off during the night or make one sweat. However, Masters of Mayfair sleep masks are made with 100-percent cotton that is extra padded and has a silk lining to cool the eyes. They’re even infused with lavender essential oil for a calming effect. 

16. National Geographic’s “Spectacle”

Spectacle,” a stunning hardcover book from National Geographic, is the ultimate bucket list fuel. Recipients may find new travel inspiration in the pages of this immersive photo collection that features natural and manmade wonders (think the Aurora Borealis, cities made of neon lights, a great wildebeest migration, and more).

17. Loctote Theft-Resistant Drawstring Backpack

Help the carefree explorer in your life travel safely and with peace of mind with the Loctote theft-resistant backpack. It’s essentially a cool-looking portable safe that protects the things you need to carry around. It’s made with slash-resistant fabric and features a locking strap and heavy-duty brass lock, allowing owners to snap the sack to a fixed object. And did we mention that it’s lightweight? Tote it as a backpack — just not one that can be pickpocketed. 

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