12 Golf Courses with Awesome Ocean Views

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Golf Course at Makena Beach and Golf Resort -- Maui
Golf Course at Makena Beach and Golf Resort -- Maui

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A round of golf can always do a body good. Sure, golf can be one of the most frustrating sports on the planet, [Ed. note: We’ve seen a few snapped clubs in our day.] but there’s nothing like the feeling when you sink that putt for eagle. (Not that we can speak from personal experience, per se, but we’ve heard stories.) So what could possibly make hitting the links even better? Gorgeous ocean views, duh. For all you golfers out there – Hi, Dad! — we found twelve beautiful hotel golf courses around the globe that have killer vistas to boot. Pack your clubs and get ready to work on your swing–these spots will be sure to inspire you to play your very best.

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