Five Things We Loved About Hotel Impossible Episode 4: The Purple Orchid Inn Resort; Livermore, CA

Host Anthony Melchiorri. Credit: Courtesy of the Travel Channel

When you're driving up to sprawling vistas in the heart of California's Wine Country, you'd expect a gorgeous log cabin's rooms and amenities to be first-rate, right? That's what Anthony Melchiorri thought of the Purple Orchid Inn Resort & Spa, which is a 9,000 square-foot property overlooking 23 private acres of olive fields. The views, to say the least, were pretty epic. But the Purple Orchid was in dire need of some tune-ups to turn around its disgraced image now that it had been taken over by new owners Derek and Rhiannon. Who better than to give the team a lesson than Anthony Melchiorri, our favorite, fearless host of Hotel Impossible and an awesome advice giver. Check out what we learned this week after the jump!

1. Taking a luxurious tub at a hotel will cost you.

After inspecting the "Wilderness Retreat" room -- which featured not only a rustic deer motif but an African jungle-inspired mural on one wall -- Melchiorri pointed out the room's sweet spot: the jacuzzi. Hoteliers, take note here: Jacuzzis mean you can "up-sell" the guest room at a higher rate -- so you may want to install those new deep-soak tubs ASAP.

2. That Anthony described the spa's aesthetic to be that of his "Uncle Leo's house."

And boy was Melchiorri spot on! The room's dated floral and beige vibe felt more 1970s than spa chic. Tacked on heavy velvet-style curtains desperately needed an upgrade (which we saw as always from the lovely Blanche Garcia). Also, can we talk about the empty display cabinets? I know the couple was low on cash -- running a hotel is not an easy business, especially when its owners are attempting to shake a bad rep -- but like, at least put some empty lotion bottles in there. [Ed note: You can call me, I stockpile beauty products.]

3. Dana, the new hotel manager.

How cute is she? Not only was she the most on her game, but she was genuinely excited by her promotion. We have a feeling she'll do a kick-a** job!

4. Melchiorri's term "GM Radar."

The idea of a hotel manager having a special radar system may seem a bit silly, but he's 1000% right by saying that a GM's job is to inspect every inch of his or her property every day. As Melchiorri noted, great service drives customers, as does a clean property. In fact, cleanliness is the No. 1 most important aspect considered by all prospective customers. By having her "radar" on at all times, new manager Dana will be on point.

5. Blanche's redesign of the spa.

Wow. There was certainly not "Uncle Leo" left in the Purple Orchid's spa after Garcia had her way -- the hardwood floors simply oozed a relaxed, NorCal vibe, while the sleek white couch and chairs provided a stylish, modern edge. While we may not have loved her choice of color at the Penguin in South Beach, she nailed this design. Didn't the Purple Orchid feel like a true luxury hotel at the episode's end? We sure think so. And now we can book our trip there online, too.


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