Grottos, Caverns, and Lairs, Oh My! Six Hotels with Cave-Like Spaces

There's cozy and then there's spooky. And when it comes to the cavernous spaces of some of our favorite hotels, we'll just have to let you be the judge. The dark corners and vaulted ceilings of these lair-like rooms often simply add a little extra oomph to the sultry ambiance of a romantic restaurant or a sexy spa, but we still can't help but get a little spooked in these windowless spots. Here are six hotels that are home to some pretty cool (and kinda creepy?) caves.

Grotto Bay Beach Resort, Bermuda


Bermuda's Grotto Bay Beach Resort is home to the mother of all caves. Natural grottos can be found on the property, and weekly cave crawls explore the grottos’ vast nooks and crannies. Guests are free to swim and snorkel on their own, but if the idea of this makes you a bit tense, have no fear -- the spa's sole treatment room can be found in the subterranean space. The hotel's private beach is also available for swimming and water sports.

The Caves, Jamaica


The name says it all, right? Arguably Jamaica's most romantic escape, the adults-only Caves is built into the surrounding cliffs, which means it has plenty of lair-like areas. Guests can swim under the rocky formations, grab a drink at the Cave Rum and Cigar Bar, or reserve the cavernous private dining space. The 12 private cottages and suites also have a cave-like vibe.

The Meritage Resort and Spa, Napa Valley


This luxurious 158-room property, which saw a $40 million expansion in 2012, has everything the typical, quaint Wine Country boutique hotel offers, but at a larger scale thanks to a long list of outstanding extras that make the stay ultra-convenient. Many of these nice features -- such as the wine tasting room, the private dining area, and the spa -- are located below ground in the Meritage's cavernous spaces.

Hotel Duc de Saint-Simon, Paris


Well, this is the cheeriest cave we've ever seen! The Hotel Duc de Saint-Simon is a classic choice for those seeking a traditional Parisian hotel with historic and romantic touches. It is said to be the place where Lauren Bacall stays while in Paris, which might help describe the guests who best fit in here: people of a certain age, with a certain budget. The property is split by an outdoor terrace, and has a labyrinth feel on the inside with a series of small lounge areas. Head downstairs to the underground cave for breakfast or cocktails, and marvel at the oil paintings and Persian rugs.

Belmond La Samanna, St. Martin


Easily the most luxurious resort in St. Martin, the 55-acre La Samanna brings tranquility to an otherwise tourist-filled island. Featuring two beautiful pools, a yoga and Pilates studio, a European-style spa, the island's most pristine beach, and an extensive wine cellar, this 81-room, eight-villa retreat is hard to beat. The hotel's La Cave private dining area can be found alongside the wine cellar in La Samanna's underground space.

Calistoga Ranch, An Auberge Resort; Napa Valley


It's no wonder royalty, A-list celebrities, and athletes keep returning to the luxury Calistoga Ranch: It's in a class all by itself. Guests rent exquisite private lodges, set on a private 157-acre park-like property complete with hiking trails and a top-of-the-line restaurant and spa. Wine tasting seminars and private dinners are held in the resort's massive -- and elegant -- cave.

Castello di Monterone, Umbria


This 13th-century castle has an impressive degree of preserved medieval character, and offers a romantic and fun setting for a true getaway. Some rooms, as well as the terrace, grounds, and outdoor pool, offer spectacular views of the Umbrian countryside. While the lobby has a cave-like vibe with stone walls and a vaulted ceiling, the vibrant blue of the ceiling and a charming fireplace make the space feel warm and bright.

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