This Airplane Hotel Room in the Jungle Will Blow Your Mind

The 727 Fuselage Home at the Hotel Costa Verde

If you stumble upon an airplane in the jungle, you're either on the set of Lost -- or lucky enough to have booked the Fuselage Suite at Hotel Costa Verde in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. A vintage Boeing 727 airframe, once owned by South Africa Air, has been refurbished into a one-of-a-kind suite with teak wood, two bathrooms, and furnished balconies. The plane sits on a hill so it looks like its in-flight, and is surrounded by thick jungle with views of the Pacific Ocean in the distance through the cockpit -- which still has the original pilot's chair. Check out more photos below or click here for awesome panoramas. 

The Entrance
The Kitchen
The First Bedroom
The Cockpit Bathroom
The Cockpit
The Second Bedroom
Bathroom in the Tail of the Plane
The Patio

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