7 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts for Traveling Moms

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Mother’s Day might conjure Hallmark images of cozy mothers keeping the home fires burning. And baking. So much baking. Not that there's anything wrong with such pursuits, but -- reality check -- this is 2017, and plenty of us have jet-setting mamas who are happiest hitting the road and exploring new parts of the world. For these mothers, we say skip the generic flowers-and-greeting-card routine and get them something that encourages their wanderlust. Here are our seven fabulous picks for Mother’s Day gifts that will inspire your lovely mom to get out on a global adventure. 

1. Portolano Cashmere Blend Eye Mask

Even in the golden age of travel, sleeping on a plane was difficult, but now with everyone’s iPads and Kindles lighting up all corners of the cabin, it’s near impossible. A good eye mask is a traveler’s first line of defense. This one, in a perky chevron pattern and a soft cashmere blend adds an extra level of pampering. These also come in handy in hotel rooms where the curtains are less than blackout

2. Mama Bear Tote Bag

A foldable cotton tote is one of those “don’t leave home without it” items that every mom can get behind. It can serve as a lightweight purse while tooling around town, or it can take on some of the overflow from a suitcase that got stuffed with one too many souvenirs. This one lets mom proudly rep her status as matriarch of the pack. 

3. ETSYG Large Silk Scarf

Light packers know that the key to avoiding checked baggage (and the accompanying fee) is to pack clothes you can wear in rotation again and again. And the key to keeping a travel wardrobe looking fresh is to borrow a page from the French woman’s playbook: rock a scarf. A versatile scarf helps switch up outfits, adds a jolt of color, and can double as a head wrap or top. It’s also practically weightless and can fold into a pocket.

4. Keds Women’s Slip-On Sneakers

Sightseeing plans can quickly go from “hit the museum, wander old town streets, and shop the boulevards” to simply “find a drugstore with bandaids and get back to the hotel” when feet become blistered and achy. Make sure mom treats her feet right with some classic but stylish walking shoes. These slip-on Keds are ideal for wandering around, and, as a bonus, they’ll get through the airport security line with minimal fuss, too.

5. “The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper” by Phaedra Patrick

A good airplane or beach read is a must, and this adorable novel will not only entertain, it’ll also deliver a dose of wanderlust. Arthur Pepper leads a life blocked out in routine, until he discovers a mysterious bracelet that sends him on a quest from India to Paris. It’s the perfect level of heartwarming that never tips the scales into schmaltzy and can inspire mom’s next trip. 

6. TONYMOLY Sheet Mask Pack

A spa treatment for mom at the Dior Institut in Paris might not be in the budget, but, thankfully, self-care comes at all price points, as these cheery, cheap sheet masks prove. They’re perfect to combat tired, sallow complexions after a long flight, and their one-and-done packaging means that once they’re worn, they can be tossed, leaving a little more room in mom’s luggage.

7. Leathereal Passport Holder and Travel Wallet

Tough love time: Your heartfelt card to mom will probably get tossed in the recycling bin, eventually. But this lovely passport holder and travel wallet can hold up for years and will get used every time she flies. Better yet, it carries the uplifting and vibrant message “and so the adventure begins,” letting her heart lift off every time her plane does.

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