Bundle Breakdowns: Thanks to Eloise, you can finagle your way to a cheaper suite at The Plaza (and get some ice cream, too)

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The Plaza, New York City
The Plaza, New York City

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Ever wonder if those “romance” or “adventure” hotel packages are really giving you more bang for your buck — or if you’ve been suckered into booking a clever marketing pro’s cutesy champagne and chocolate-covered price markup? Welcome back to Oyster’s Bundle Breakdowns, where we go through the painstaking process of (roughly) breaking down the costs of popular hotel bundle offerings to determine whether you’re getting a steal or getting robbed.

Today, we’re back in the Big Apple visiting the iconic Plaza hotel and its most famous little fictional resident, Eloise (yes, from the Kay Thompson books about a cheeky young lady living at the hotel). These days, the Plaza is offering up a cutesy deal in honor of the precocious six-year-old: the ‘Live Like Eloise’ package— which is essentially a night in a suite at the Plaza with a couple of treats thrown in — starting at $895.

The Deal: One night in a Deluxe Rose Suite (with complimentary upgrade to the next available suite category at time of booking); a copy of Eloise by Kay Thompson; “Super Duper Sundae” from In-Room Dining; Eloise postcards with complimentary postage

The Package Price for Sunday, October 11th: $1,065, plus tax

The Upgrade on Sunday, October 11th: Since the package is inclusive of a free upgrade at the time of booking, the reservations agent we spoke to told us that we’d be reserved in an Edwardian Suite that night — a one-bedroom, 1,000ish square-foot space that even has a guest bathroom (ooooh, swanky!)

The Breakdown (based on rates for Sunday, October 11th):

  • Edwardian Suite: $1,445, plus tax
  • Copy of Eloise: $15, from Amazon
  • Super Duper Sundae: $8, plus tax
  • Eloise Postcards: Price not available

Estimated Non-package Cost for night in Edwardian Suite: $1,468 (plus tax) or more

Total Estimated Savings: Over $400! Thanks, Eloise!

Pros: If a one-bedroom suite is what you’re going for, the pros are pretty obvious — and you get a sundae!
Cons: Um, you’re still spending a grand for a bed to sleep in.

Bottom Line: If you’re going to spring for something more than just a basic room (if you fancy a suite, really), remember to look for these six glorious words: “complimentary upgrade at time of booking.” You could score yourself a pretty good deal — and some ice cream, too.

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