Hotel Photo of the Day: Tired of hearing about naked people in hotel windows?

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Peek-a-boo, we see you!
Peek-a-boo, we see you!

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If the story about the naked people (and the sexin’ people) seen in the windows of a certain New York City hotel — one that happens to, oh, we don’t know, rise above the High Line — has popped up on your Twitter and RSS feeds two (or twenty-two) too many times, we have a present for you. Well, multiple presents, actually.

First, some truth. We sauntered on over to the High Line last night and stared at The Standard Hotel, where ballsy (hehe) hotel guests are supposedly swingin’ their bits in front of big, bright windows for all to view. We stood for a good, long while. We looked up. We saw open curtains. We also saw the following:

  • No naked people.
  • Zero sex.
  • Lots of rooms that were empty.
  • Packs of tourists taking photos with their cell phones and the latest trendy hued point-and-shoot cameras.

Sound newsworthy? Not so much, huh? And now that we know the whole thing was a big ol’ PR stunt, we’re kind of annoyed at all this hype. Annoyed on a Friday, even.

So here is gift number two from Oyster to you: some very special hotel art (at the Mandalay Bay) for your ogling pleasure. This art (er, installation?) is not a PR stunt; this art does not run away when tourists come a-flockin’. This art features naked people. And these naked people sort of look like they’re coming through windows or whatever.

And hey, lucky you; now you’ve seen something that everyone’s been talking about, you’re a supporter of the arts, and you don’t look like a creeper.

You’re welcome.

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