When bigger is better: Oyster's all-time favorite megaresorts

A lot of travelers look for peace and quiet when they go on vacation – rustic getaways, secluded island retreats, and romantic beach escapes. And we love the special, intimate properties that deliver that kind of experience. But sometimes, you want the razzle-dazzle of an over-the-top, stuffed-to-the-gills megaresort, where extras like fantastic restaurants, cool pools, golf courses, beaches, entertainment, or water parks are never far away. For us, it's not necessarily the number of rooms that makes a hotel qualify as a megaresort: It's the scale of the property, and the range of features available. For an elaborate, ultra-convenient, don’t-make-me-work-for-it vacation, consider staying at one of Oyster’s all-time favorite megaresorts.

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