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Jamaica Photo Fakeout: Smiling gym-goers are questionable

A No-Fun Zone Listen, hotel marketers: nobody smiles at the gym. The gym is a No-Fun Zone. People don’t go to the hotel fitness center to chitty-chat like that; they go to the hotel bar. You’re practically begging us to expose a Photo Fakeout with this kind of thing. That said, allow us to do…

Movie Quiz! Name the Films that Featured these Jamaican Locations

Some of Jamaica’s seemingly secret spots — rugged caves, isolated, white-sand beaches, and a serene, deep-blue lagoon — became not-quite-so-secret when they made appearances on the silver screen. Let’s see if you movie buffs out there can match the films on the list below to the beautiful Jamaican locale they featured. Answers are at the…

Best Nude Beaches in Jamaica

Although topless sunbathing is widely acceptable in Jamaica, spots for full-on nude sunbathing are a little scarce — but there are a handful of good resort options for vacationers who prefer to tan au naturel, whether they are spring breakers or moms trying to avoid tan lines. Grand Lido Negril