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Sushi Samba on Lincoln Road serves delicious Peruvian-influenced Japanese fare.
Sushi Samba on Lincoln Road serves delicious Peruvian-influenced Japanese fare.

South Beach tends to make us all feel a bit more body conscious than usual, but luckily, great healthy fare is readily available. These three fabulous sushi restaurants offer myriad light dishes and raw fish masterpieces with minimal consumption remorse!

Sushi Samba (600 Lincoln Road) – Peruvian and Japanese cultures crossed for two major events in history: the Peruvian presidency of the controversial Alberto Ken'ya Fujimori, and the conception of Sushi Samba, an exquisite taste explosion of East-meets-South. The “sashimi seviches” blend the tanginess and zest of Peruvian flavors with the tenderness of top-grade sushi, most notably through the “Yellowtail Sashimi Seviche” bathed in ginger, garlic, and soy and the “Lobster Sashimi Seviche” infused with mango and lime. Regardless of the countless sushi options, the highlight of any trip to Sushi Samba is still the exceptional “chicharron de calamar”—cornmeal-crusted calamari with tamarind sauce, tomato salsa, and plantain. The innovative drink menu focuses heavily on the sweet and fruity. Sushi Samba is located on Lincoln Road, up the street from the Ritz-Carlton South Beach.

Bond Street (150 20th Street) – South Beach’s top sushi hot spot, this intimate restaurant tucked into the basement of the Townhouse Hotel serves up the most tender and luscious sashimi in town. Famed for its sister location in New York City and popularity on Sex and the City, the SoBe outpost uses only the freshest and finest ingredients to produce mouth-watering rolls and delectable Japanese classics.

NOBU (1901 Collins Ave) – By far the priciest sushi in town, NOBU serves the creations of the famous Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. More of an experience than a meal, NOBU is filled with Miami’s who’s-who and, of course, well-camouflaged imposters. It’s a great place to flash your cash (if you have it); but the sushi is actually better at Bond Street. NOBU is located at the Shore Club.

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