Extra extra! Oyster hounds out pet-friendly hotels for Extra TV

Top hotels are taking pet-friendliness to new heights, and Oyster knows exactly where to bring your precious pooch for the most extravagant pampering. (Some of our favorite offerings: the doggie pedicures at the Epic Hotel in Miami and the gourmet pet birthday cakes and pet psychics available through Affinia Fifty in New York). Our CEO Elie Seidman sat down with Extra TV recently to discuss the growing pet-friendly trend in Los Angeles and across the country. After the jump, we’ve listed our all-time favorite pet-friendly hotels.

Oyster's Favorite Pet-Friendly Hotels

Hotel Palomar Los Angeles Westwood

Price: $233/night Location: West LA, Los Angeles

At Hotel Palomar -- part of the pet-friendly Kimpton chain -- all types, shapes, and sizes of pets are welcome, and at no additional cost (some L.A. hotels tack on as much as $150 to the bill). Water bowls sit outside the front door, and pets can roam freely (though the restaurant and bar are off limits). Guests can order bowls and beds for the room, and the concierge can arrange just about any pet service, from a vet visit to a pet massage. See more pet-friendly hotels in Los Angeles.

The Muse - Kimpton

Price: $360/night Location: Times Square and Midtown West, New York City

The Muse is an impressively pet-friendly hotel, having hosted everything from snakes (!) to penguins (!) to a pig (!) (many of them in town to appear on television shows that tape nearby). Ginger, a teacup Pomeranian, serves as the "Director of Pet Relations," a companion to one of the hotel staff members. On most days, Ginger can be found hanging out on her leopard-print bed near the concierge. She has even done the morning-show circuit, most recently on the Today show for a segment about pet-friendly hotels. The hotel has a Pampered Pooch and a Hers and Furs package, starting at $229, which provides in-room pedicures for a guest and her dog. Pets also receive a special welcome package upon arrival, with food and treats for both the dogs and their human companions. There is no surcharge to bring a pet to the Muse, though the hotel limits guests to two pets per room. Dogwalking, sitting, grooming, and food delivery can all be arranged for an extra charge. Bryant Park is four blocks away. See more pet-friendly hotels in New York.

Epic Hotel

Price: $275/night Location: Downtown, Miami

The Epic is a pro at pampering -- doggie mats, bowls, and Yip-Yap breath mints come standard in the rooms booked for guests traveling with dogs. Pets can also get pedicures, a shampoo, toys, and one-hour daily walks as part of the Epic Pet Getaway package. Like all other Kimpton Group hotels, there is no cleaning deposit required, no hidden fees, and no restrictions on weight, size, or even type of pet -- cats, birds, turtles, and snakes are all welcome. Best of all, there are no off-limit areas for pets in the resort -- feel free to take Precious to the pool. See more pet-friendly hotels in Miami.

Laurel Inn

Price: $155/night Location: Nob Hill, San Francisco

For no extra charge, the pet-friendly Laurel offers such in-room amenities as dog beds, food and water bowls, a city guidebook for pet owners, a chew toy, and a personalized welcome note(e.g., "Dear Fido"). Dogs of any weight are welcome, with no deposits or fees, the lobby is stocked with tennis balls and treats, and apartment-style rooms provide plenty of space to spread out. Plus, Presidio National Park, with lots of hiking trails, is only five blocks away.See more pet-friendly hotels in San Francisco.