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  • Plastic flowers at entrance will never die, even during the winter
  • Staff kindly leaves extra mattresses in hallways, in case guests need one
  • Barbwire-covered-windows should probably almost definitely (maybe) keep out those pesky lunatic guests
  • Never dull; guests might hear gunshots
  • [Ed note: We kid, of course. There's really nothing good about this hotel.]


  • Hallway odors smell like a combination of chemical fire, ground pork, and North Jersey tanning salon
  • Hole-y ceilings, Batman!
  • Door-less bathrooms (perhaps some kind of new French fad)

Bottom Line

It's a special kind of hotel that earns a reputation for being both disgusting AND dangerous: Within five minutes of entering La Semana, it's evident that it is both. Not only have there been reports of mentally unstable clientele and gunshots, but the check-in clerk stands behind bulletproof glass, and many rooms' windows are covered in bars and barbwire, which creates the feeling of entering a prison. The rest is downhill from there: Holes in the (barely six-foot-high) ceilings, no doors on the dirty bathrooms, exposed wires, disgustingly dirty TV remotes, furniture that looks too cheap for a tailgate party, and beds without blankets make this one of the seediest hotel experiences in New York.

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Business Center
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Air Conditioner
Full Kitchen
Separate Bedroom / Living Room Space
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25 W. 24th St, New York City, New York 10010, United States
Phone (212) 255-5944

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