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Our fave hotel minibar treats for locavores

We were leafing through some old travel magazines Wednesday—what happens atyour office?—when we stumbled on a cool article in the November 2008 issue of Travel+Leisure. They’d rounded up a bunch of their favorite locally sourced minibar products—and we were inspired to do the same.

Does the Starbucks in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel really have a dress code?

‘Twas in a binder on the desk of a Waldorf-Astoria guest room where we happened upon Exhibit A, which suggests that, apparently, old lady Waldorf has the fanciest Starbucks in all the land. Yes, it would appear that this particular outpost of the corporate coffee palace has a dress code. Though “smart casual” is certainly…

Four outrageous New York City hotel minibar rip-offs

We’ve seen enough $150 candles and $4 tins of Altoids to know better than to expect a bargain from a hotel minibar. But sometimes the price gouging gets absolutely scandalous—like at these four New York hotels that have mastered the art of the overcharge.

The Faces of Hospitality: Five very creepy pieces of hotel art

If nothing else, some of the quirkiest, most striking artwork we’ve seen so far – whether it’s a piece hand-picked to complement a lobby’s trendster vibe or a photo boldly displayed above a fluffy bed to lend a bit of wacky-coolness to a guestroom – adds personality. But, uh, we’d advise hotels to air on…

Bundle Breakdown: The cookies are the only worthwhile splurge in Trump NYC’s ‘Kids on Central Park’ package

Ever wonder if those “romance” or “adventure” hotel packages are really giving you more bang for your buck — or if you’ve been suckered into booking a clever marketing pro’s cutesy champagne and chocolate-covered price markup? Welcome back to Oyster’s Bundle Breakdowns, where we go through the painstaking process of (roughly) breaking down the costs…