Entertainment District, Toronto Travel Guide

Entertainment District Summary


  • Theatres, shops, sports venues and restaurants
  • Home to the famous CN Tower, one of the world's tallest buildings, with an observation deck overlooking th city
  • Plenty of transportation options -- subway, light rail, bus, train
  • Proximity to the Financial District and the Art and Design District
  • Bustling area during the day and night


  • Can be crowded
  • Many nightclubs and restaurants in the area are expensive

What It's Like

In Downtown Toronto, nestled between the Financial District and the Art and Design District, the Entertainment District is aptly named; concentrated along King Street, it is home to theaters and arts centers, as well as the city's four major-league sports teams. The influx of culture to the neighborhood is fairly recent, however, with most of the buildings arriving in the early 80s; the area was previously the "Garment District" with tons of warehouses that have now been converted into luxury apartments.

The line between the Entertainment District and the Financial District can get blurry, as both neighborhoods are small and adjacent to one another. But while the Financial District is defined by massive skyscrapers, the Entertainment District has smaller -- but still grand -- theaters, such as the Royal Alexandra Theatre and the Princess of Wales Theatre, as well as Roy Thomson Hall, where the Toronto Symphony Orchestra performs. However, the CN Tower, one of the world's tallest buildings, with an observation deck overlooking the city, is within the perimeter of the Entertainment District.

Where To Stay

The good thing about being in the compact Entertainment District is that you'll be reasonably close to the area's attractions no matter where you stay. If you want to be close to the CN Tower and the Rogers Center, choose a hotel in the southern part of the neighborhood. For easy access to great shopping, stay in the area north of King Street.


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Languages: English
Airports: (YYZ)
Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone
Peak: May - Sept.
Off-Peak: October - Apirl
Visa: No
Vaccines: No
Currency: Canadian Dollar
Electricity: 120 V, 60 Hz
Tipping: 15-20% in restaurants and cabs

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