Top 5 best buffets in Las Vegas

Le Village Buffet at Paris Las Vegas
Le Village Buffet at Paris Las Vegas

It’s hard to pinpoint the “best” of anything in Las Vegas. Especially when it comes to buffets, as it is the most prominent and publicized dining option in Las Vegas. Also, there are so many determining factors when choosing the best. The best could be best value, or best price. It could also be the most popular or gets the best reviews. Don’t forget food quality, and best variety and selection. It would be almost impossible to base it on all of these factors and put out a true list of best buffets in Las Vegas.

So instead, when putting together this list I imagined you all as my close friends. Oftentimes friends and readers come to me for referrals to hotels and restaurants and I don’t want to let them down. Because it’s all about the experience and kitschy Las Vegas feel, I chose five buffets that excite me and that I truly enjoy going to, and hope you will benefit from this list and be able to stuff your face with delicious and satisfying food and not smuggle home some tomatoes and bread rolls to throw at me later.

So here are my picks for the top five best buffets in Las Vegas, in no particular order:

  • Village Buffet at the Paris Hotel Las Vegas: The Village Buffet has been voted Best in Las Vegas by the Las Vegas Review Journal for the past three consecutive years. We love this buffet because it’s a little different than your typical five-station set up, with cuisine being represented from different countries. No, you will find only the best in regional French specialties. And the dishes are much better than your average buffet fare. We love the atmosphere and cutesy décor. It’s great for those who have always wanted to try French food but haven’t known where to start. The price is pretty great too, considering it’s in the middle of the strip and only $25* for dinner.
  • Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas: This is one of the strip’s newest (if not THE newest) buffet. It’s perfect for those who have been there, ate that. Wicked Spoon takes a different approach to the typical buffet spread by providing every dish in individual size portions, tapas style, with a unique and visually appealing presentation. They offer dishes inspired from American, Japanese, Italian and French cuisine. Don’t miss the truffle-infused potato au gratin, Korean beef, and for dessert, mini chopped apples and strawberries dipped in chocolate and salted peanut gelato. It’s also decently priced at $27* for dinner.
  • The Buffet at Bellagio Las Vegas: This buffet lives up to its reputation, is highly acclaimed, and usually comes with a pretty decent wait time. It’s well organized and maintained, and offers a very impressive selection. The selection includes dining choices from America, Italy, Mexico, Asia and more. Guests will enjoy the sushi selection, Kobe sirloin, juicy prime rib, beef wellington, goose, quail and duck. Many maintain that the Bellagio’s buffet has the best desserts at any buffet found on the strip. Some of our favorites include the gelato selection and the pastries. Dinner ranges in price from around $30 to $37* for dinner.
  • The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas: This buffet and the buffet at the Bellagio are constantly being pinned against each other for best buffet on the strip by locals. While their food is excellent and the price is pretty comparable, that is where similarities end. While the buffet may be a little less extravagant in size then at the Bellagio, the food is tasty, well presented and is made in small batches and replaced regularly. You will love the classy atmosphere of this buffet. While desserts are the usual weakness of buffets, you will not find that to be the case at the Wynn; they have fantastic dessert selections. And with the upscale protein selection of pre-cracked crab legs, shrimp cocktail, lobster ravioli, lamb chops, venison, and top sirloin you will be able to understand the $35* price tag.
  • Village Seafood Buffet at the Rio Las Vegas: While the Rio also has the Carnival World Buffet, it’s the Village Seafood Buffet that is the real show-stopper, especially if you enjoy tasty high-quality seafood. It’s also our most expensive buffet on the list at $39.99* for dinner. Take a trip around the seven seas and enjoy baby lobster tails, crab legs with delicious dipping sauces, clams, mussels, sashimi, oysters, shrimp, several types of fish and much more! Save room for dessert because you won’t want to miss out on the fantastic tiramisu. I think it’s safe to say that if you are not a seafood fan, this may not be the buffet for you. Probably best to stick with the Carnival World Buffet, but many argue this is the best buffet in all of Las Vegas.

There you have it: five delicious buffets to gorge yourselves silly on. Would love to hear from others what buffets they think are the best that I may or may not have covered.

*Prices vary depending on day and time and change often.

- Hilarye Fuller, Dotting the Map

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