12 Easy Ways to Keep Yourself Calm and Relaxed

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Whether you get anxious from travel or reading the latest headlines, it's important to have multiple ways to cope. We found 12 products on Amazon that can easily help you relax, calm down, and feel better. From adult coloring books to scalp massagers to weighted blankets, relief is on the way. 

Here's how to make your home as comfortable as our favorite luxury hotels

Hemp Extract Oil

If you’re getting Sunday scaries vibes every day of the week, this hemp tincture might help. It’s made with hemp directly sourced in the USA, and a mixture of B12 and vitamin D3 to help regulate the nervous system and create feelings of calm. Add a few drops to a cup of chamomile tea, and reap the relaxing rewards.

*Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Lavender Spray

Turn your shower into a relaxing, calm spa with a few spritzes of lavender-infused shower mist. Pro tip: get your shower nice and steamy and then spray the oil into the steam before taking three deep breaths. #bliss

White Noise Machine

Whether it’s not quiet enough (snoring partners) or too quiet to sleep, the Dohm Classic white noise machine is here to help. Since 1962, users have peacefully slept to the machine’s fan-based natural white noise. Sleep = calm.

Stress Balls

Stressed out? Squeeze a ball. These are made to squeeze, stretch, throw, and bounce — and they immediately return to their original shape. The perfect thing to play with during a never-ending Zoom call, or to give to kids between online study sessions.

Weighted Sleep Mask

A weighted sleep mask is the perfect accessory for a calm-inducing cat nap, or to help you get your full eight hours. Micro-glass beads evenly distribute weight across the relaxation pressure points of your face. Bonus: the cover is machine washable.

Massage Pillow

Massages are one of the most beneficial things you can do to alleviate anxiety, so why not bring the power of massage into your home? The HoMedics Thera-P Shiatsu Massage Pillow targets your neck, shoulders, back, lumbar, and legs using 4 rotating nodes to relax tense muscles. And at around $40, it’s cheaper than a professional rubdown.

Thinking Putty

Warning: thinking putty is addictive. You can tear it, stretch it, make it pop, or sculpt it into mini-art. There’s something very calming about pulling on putty while watching TV or listening to a guided meditation app.

Smart Light Bulbs

There’s some evidence that color can improve your mood, so try swapping out a regular light bulb with something more calming. These smart bulbs cycle through all the colors of the rainbow, or you can choose a color theme using the remote or voice control. You can also choose any shade of solid color and intensity, depending on how you feel. We like white light to relax and purple for a happiness boost.

Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners were a huge trend for kids and teens in 2017, but we vote to resurrect this stress-reducing toy for adults in 2020. This anti-anxiety fidget spinner can help you focus and reduces stress. Plus, it’s fun!

Coloring Book

Coloring isn’t just for kids. Coloring generates wellness and stimulates brain areas related to motor skills and creativity for all ages. We love this adults’ coloring book designed to help adults relax with a variety of simple to complex flower, plant, and animal images. P.S. don’t forget to order crayons.

Scalp Massager

Just looking at these scalp massagers sends relaxing tingles down our spines. The LiBa Scalp Massager features safe rubber beads (they won’t scratch or pull your hair) over each spindle. You can use this on yourself for excellent results, but it definitely feels better when a loved one gives you a head massage. Take turns!

Weighted Blanket

Have you tried a weighted blanket to reduce anxiety yet? Weighted glass beads sewn into Luna organic blanket are designed to mimic being lightly held, which can stimulate positive, relaxed feelings and keep you calm. The trick? You need to order the correct weight for your body size. Some users say it’s better than magic for reducing anxiety.

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