Saint James Paris  

16th and 17th Arrondissements (Bois de Boulogne), Paris, Ile-de-France

Ahh Paris. That bewitching European capital has stolen many a heart -- and it's no surprise why. Boasting a plethora of museums, monuments, and outstanding examples of architecture, visitors can stroll for hours exploring the hidden nooks and crannies of this sprawling city. Surrounded by such idyllic sites, it's easy to lose yourself -- and your heart -- as you stroll along the Seine, down the Champs-Elysee, or through the halls of the Louvre. And returning to your hotel room does not mean losing that loving feeling. Sweet suites across Paris cater to those in a romantic state of mind. Here are some of our favorites.

The only chateau-hotel in Paris, the upscale Saint James is located on a sprawling property in the wealthy 16th arrondissment. Those looking for a luxurious Parisian stay (and with pockets deep enough to afford it) shouldn't hesitate to book one of the enchanting rooms, which are large by Paris standards and outfitted in plush, jewel-toned fabrics. A feeling of opulent romance extends to the spa, charming terrace, and cozy gourmet restaurant, where couples can canoodle conspicuously. The junior suite, with a lovely chandelier and candle wall sconces, oozes amour.

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