Travel Tuesday: What's New?

The London West Hollywood, Los Angeles
The London West Hollywood, Los Angeles
  • GO TOPLESS L.A.'s London Hotel has a new "topless" package -- which includes the use of a new Mustang convertible. Available from Sept. 1 to Oct. 31, the package is the perfect opportunity to cruise down the nearby Sunset Strip in this hot ride. [USA Today]
  • SMILE You're on The New York Times' front page article revealed that businesses have allegedly been paying fibbers and promoters to write reviews in their favor. [The New York Times]
  • SPACE OUT A new hotel will surely exceed any existing ocean-view suite in the hotel industry. Floating 217 miles above earth, a new space hotel is set to launch in 2016. Talk about a view. It will have room for a total of 7 guests, who will all be required to take a training course prior to embarking on their space journey. [Reuters]
  • EAT Or should you? Michael Jordan's Steak House opens today in the Intercontinental Chicago, his first restaurant since his failed Michael Jordan's Restaurant closed, unlamented. There's a chopped salad that boasts 23 ingredients, and a 23-layer chocolate cake on the dessert list. Guess why? [Chicago Tribune]
  • BATHE And relax. Your skin is in good hands if you stay at any Four Seasons hotel -- the luxury chain is switching to all paraben-free toiletries. The hotel will stick with L'Occitane products, but is switching to the brand's new line as it sheds parabens from all of its products. [USA Today]

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