7 Signs You’re Staying in an English Manor

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Cozy English manors have long been sought-after retreats, but ever since Downton Abbey got the whole world truly obsessed with the idea of a massive countryside estate -- full of secrets and scandals, no less -- these historic residences has become even more popular. While the show's fans have been quick to book stays across the pond, various inns and bed-and-breakfasts have been just as quick to capitalize on the craze, claiming status as "manors" -- when some are really just simple old residences, with no real grandeur to them. So to help you out, we've made a list of the seven signs that, if you find them during your stay, are surefire bets that you are, in fact, in an English manor. Fortunately, we found the perfect example in Cotswolds' Charingworth Manor.

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1. It's super old.

Like really, really old. Charingworth Manor was built in the 14th century.

2. It has plenty of cozy nooks.

Fireplace? Check. Wood-beamed ceilings? Check. Comfy leather couches? Check. Warm lighting? Check.

3. The only sports on-site are fancy.

What’s fancier than croquet? 

4. There's delicious food and a well-stocked bar.

And the bartender’s specialty probably involves brandy.

5. An air of elegance permeates the place.

Even the bathrooms are so, so chic.

6. The property sits on expansive grounds.

Charingworth Manor spans 54 acres. It has gorgeous gardens and yes, even sheep.

7. And ivy-covered walls are a MUST.

Duh. Mossy roofs are a plus.

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