Oyster’s Fact or Fakeout: Brangelina’s Private Dinner, Pyongyang’s Ryugyong Hotel Goes German, and More!

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Deluxe Room at The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel; New York, NY

1. FACT OR FAKEOUT? Patrons of The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel’s Bemelmans Bar booed Bono when he unexpectedly joined the bar’s band while they were performing I’ve Got You Under My Skin. Guests claimed it stole the spotlight from the talented band members.

2. FACT OR FAKEOUT? The Montage Beverly Hills shut down the hotel’s exclusive bar per Brangelina’s request, as the couple wanted to dine without being interrupted by fans and nosy guests.

3. FACT OR FAKEOUT? The Westin Washington, DC City Center is famous for being the spot where then-Mayor Marion Barry was arrested by the FBI in 1990 while smoking crack.

4. FACT OR FAKEOUT? German hotel chain Kempinski will manage North Korea’s famous Ryugyong Hotel, which was first started in 1987 but was stalled for years due to the country’s economic crisis.

5. FACT OR FAKEOUT? The Hotel Vintage Park – A Kimpton Hotel recently opened the Airstream Room, which is housed in a refurbished vintage Airstream trailer equipped with a double bed and a sitting area.

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1. FAKEOUT! The guests were very surprised by Bono’s impromptu performance, but they seemed pretty thrilled about it.

2. FACT! The hotel dithered at first, but ended up shutting the doors for the couple’s special dinner. The £10 bar serves one of the world’s most exclusive whiskies, The Macallan Single Malt, and offers Scotch tastings upon request.

3. FACT! Surprisingly enough, this embarrassing episode didn’t cost Barry his job — after serving six months in federal prison, he was re-elected mayor in 1994.

4. FACT! The hotel chain, which owns properties such as the Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin, has announced that the futuristic, pyramid-shaped building is expected to have a soft opening next summer. Once completed, it will be home to 1,500 rooms and numerous shops and restaurants.

5. FAKEOUT! Such a cool room does exist, but you won’t find it in this Seattle Kimpton property — the Airstream Room is actually part of the Vintage Hotel in Brussels, Belgium.

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