5 Easy-to-Pack Boots That Fold Up to Nothing

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When it comes to holiday travel -- and other fall and winter getaways -- nobody wants to schlep, pay for, and wait on a checked bag. Carry-ons are the name of the game. Unfortunately, that usually means leaving your favorite cool-weather footwear, including boots, behind. But we’re here to prove that you can wear weather-appropriate kicks on vacation, yet still travel light. Forget stiff, thick, and clunky styles that eat up your entire bag. These five boot styles are flexible and fold into your suitcase much more easily than most. So, whether you’re headed back home to reconnect with family, taking off for a brisk long weekend, or hitting the road for an outdoor adventure, get ready to strut in style while lightening your load.

Editor’s Note: Prices are accurate at the time of publishing and may have changed. 

1. OOmg Boot

The OOmg Boot features OOfoam technology and a patented footbed design to reduce pressure on ankles and lower backs — the parts that always seem to take a beating while traveling. The boot is lightweight, with a shaft that can be rolled down, making it easy to toss into your bag. The minimalist design of the shaft is also a plus versatility-wise: easily wear it all the way up, rolled partway, or scrunched down entirely. 

2. La Canadienne Trevis Boots

Collapsible and packable, these La Canadienne Trevis boots are more than chic; they’re built to last. The flexible rubber sole — and waterproof Italian calf suede — just won’t quit. One frequent flier we know has been transporting this exact pair for a decade, and they’re still kickin’ it.  

3. Plae Thandi Boots

Moms and dads know that boots for little feet don’t necessarily take up little space. However, these Plae Thandi boots are super-sleek and weigh practically nothing. The top part of this boot is neoprene, meaning it’s easy to manipulate for packing. Whether your kiddo is splashing in a puddle in grandma’s driveway, or stomping through snow at a mountain resort, these will keep his or her tootsies toasty. 

4. Born Aire Bootie

The goes-with-anything Born Aire bootie can also go anywhere conveniently in your suitcase. The slouchy vamp adds oomph while subtracting heft. Simply unzip the side zipper, and these block heel beauties nest together and tuck into your bag nicely and tidily.

5. Jimmy Citylite Boots

In addition to being lightweight, waterproof, and bright, these boots have a heavy-duty, yet foldable, fabric that makes them easy to fold and pack. A microfleece lining and gusseted tongue will keep your feet warm and dry, whether your winter travels take you hiking or exploring slick city streets.

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