The Ultimate Naughty Packing List for a Steamy Vacation

The Archangel Lucifer Suite at The Saint Hotel, Autograph Collection/Oyster
The Archangel Lucifer Suite at The Saint Hotel, Autograph Collection/Oyster

Relaxing on a beach or sharing a three-course French meal might be enough for some couples to feel connected and relaxed. But if you're the type of twosome (or threesome) that needs a lot more spice on vacation, you've come to the right place. A steamy travel tryst is just what you need to keep the fire burning on vacation and beyond. Whether you've booked a room at a clothing-optional resort in the Caribbean or are enjoying a last-minute staycation at a local hotel, we came up with the ultimate packing list of items you'll want to have on hand to make any hotel room much naughtier.

Editor's note: Prices are accurate at the time of publishing and may have changed.

1. Aphrodisiac Body Spray

Studies have shown that scent can be a powerful seduction tool. So grab a bottle of Tom Ford’s F***ing Fabulous body spray and see for yourself. Hints of lavender and vanilla combine with leather and bitter almond for what Tom Ford describes as “aromatic foreplay.”

2. Colorful Lingerie

Oh La La Cheri makes fun and colorful lingerie that’s youthful, but not so over-the-top. This bodysuit features a cheeky bottom for sex appeal and the sheer lace is gorgeous. Wearers have reported pairing it with jeans and a jacket at dinner, before stripping down in the privacy of their bedroom.

3. Soft Handcuffs

If you’re interested in experimenting with handcuffs, but nervous about metal (or losing the keys), check out this soft leather pair that features a buckle closure. The faux fur lining is soft against the skin and the bright pink color is fun.

4. Scented Candles

Sandalwood and ylang-ylang are two well-known aphrodisiacs. And candlelight can instantly turn a hotel room’s ambience from “business trip” to “let’s get busy.” So pick up a scented candle (or several) and let the odor and light work their romantic magic.

5. Rose Petals

Sure, you could buy a dozen fresh roses and rip the petals off of them. Or, order these beautiful imitation rose petals for the same effect (and none of the brown edges). Sprinkle them on the bed or in the bathtub, or make a rose petal trail to a bottle of Champagne on the balcony. Your sweetheart will never forget the romantic effort.

6. Intimacy Kit

Practicing safe sex is important and this Lifestyles intimacy kit makes it easy. It comes with a variety of condoms and lubricants, so finding your favorites can be a treat, not a chore.

7. Cozy Robe

Most hotel rooms provide robes for their guests, but there’s something decidedly unsexy about donning a communal robe. Instead, bring this soft and well-fitted thermal robe. After all, you’ll need something to wear when you open the door for room service.

8. Kama Sutra Beginner’s Guide

If you think the Kama Sutra is just a book of wild sex positions, you may be surprised to learn it’s more about creating a spiritual connection with your partner (and, okay, some wild sex positions). “Kama Sutra: Kama Sutra Beginner’s Guide, Master the Art of Kama Sutra Love Making” is an excellent starting point for couples who are curious.

9. Massage Oil

Just the name — Nooky massage oil — should be all the information you need. Fans of this product love that the formula is lightweight and lightly scented with geranium leaf and sweet almond oils.

10. Sex Position Dice

Roll these dice and follow their very specific adult-themed directions. They’re sure to make you laugh, and since they glow in the dark, you can play with the lights off. A black velvet carrying bag comes standard.

Looking to Spend Some Time at a Naughty Hotel? Check Out Desire Riviera Maya Resort:

The 114-room Desire Riviera Maya Resort is an all-inclusive, couples-only, clothing-optional resort that attracts a range of couples, from older married couples to young nudists to swingers. This is a place only for those interested in a raucous vacation, as sex is allowed in some public spaces, such as the whirlpool area and the Sin Room. However, as an upscale resort, it also offers a wide array of amenities: There are a nice pool and a large whirlpool (both with ocean views), a well-equipped fitness center, a small spa with treatments for two, and four restaurants.

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