Why You Should Live Abroad for a Year (at Any Age!)

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Sai Mr./Flickr

Sai Mr./Flickr

Taking a year out from the hustle of your life is sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself. 

You learn more about who you are, what’s really important to you, and what your inherent talents are. And that gives you clarity to pursue your passions in a new way, no matter where you end up settling down -- or if you remain a nomad for the rest of your life!

Here are four reasons why it's never too late to take the leap and move abroad. (But don't worry -- if you decide to just go for a visit, we have visited and reviewed thousands upon thousands of hotels where you can stay.)

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You’ll Make New Friends Who Will Be Your Travel Buddies for Life

When you first arrive to your year abroad, you’ll probably stay in a hotel. When you check out and move into a house or apartment (to blend in with the locals), the other ex-pat friends you will make will likely become the kind of
friends that you may or may not speak to for years, but when you pick up the phone,
you’ll talk like no time has passed. They’ll be the ones who will meet you anytime, anywhere. After all, they’re fellow nomads — birds of a feather! 

Oyster Tip: We’ve known those who have headed to Queensland for a year in Australia have started at the Ramada Resort Port Douglas thanks to its reasonable rates, apartment-style options, and proximity to Port Douglas.

You Might Learn a New Language and Fall in Love with New Foods



The skills you develop will shock even you — and there’s no where better to pick up a foreign language than in the country of its origin.

And just think of all of the new foods you will try. Plus, you’ll pick up important life hacks like how to drive on
the left side of the road and not die.

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You'll Create a New Sense of Community

Take a year and live abroad to give yourself the
time to make a community somewhere else. It’s wonderfully empowering to walk
down the street and know the guy that runs the pizza shop, and all of the bartenders
at your favorite bar, in a country that you did not grow up in. It reminds you
of how beautifully small the world is, and how wonderful people really are.

And We Promise, It's All Entirely Possible

Martin Lopatka/Flickr

Martin Lopatka/Flickr

We recommend taking a year to live abroad because
you can. Countries like New Zealand and Australia make it easy for those under
30 to obtain working holiday visas and legally work for a year abroad. Not
under 30? Not a problem. Look into work visas, or education visas, or simply
make the jump and travel to a country that allows you stay for at least 90 days, and start

So Take the Leap

If you have an aching nag that tells you it’s
time to pursue a different life, you owe it to yourself to follow it. It may be scary to give up
everything as you know it, and you may feel a little lost and homesick at
first, but you’ll be shocked at how quickly you make new friends and settle in.
Life is for living — go live it!  

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